Anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if youd do a half suit minus the head? im thinking of getting the head from someone else then completing it with your suit in the future. :) A half suit should mean paws, feet, tail, armsleeves and digi legs for me. great work so far!!!

I don’t see why we wouldn’t accept that! So sure~

Anonymous asked:

This may be a weird question, but if I were to commission a fullsuit, send you all the fur, and give you a head base that I made, would you be able to change the base to make it SYD style (because my style is very blah)? Or would it be easier for you to just make a whole new base?

It’d be easier to make a new base. But, you can always alter your base and make a suit! I always encourage people to try new things :) Actually, fun fact, I didn’t like SYD’s original base, so I added stuff to it!

Anonymous asked:

I was wondering, how movable are your jaws? Are they sensitive or do you really have to open your mouth wide to make them move? Or are you able to do both? XD

They’re not super sensitive. They’re more for expression rather than lip syncing.

milkteatown asked:

I am going crazy over your suits.. oh my gosh. The way you shape your faces and give so much personality to the suits are amazing! If you are willing, I'd love to commission you for an artistic liberty suit when you are available (though I may be a little choosey with colors)! I'll be keeping a lookout guaranteed!

With our artistic freedom, you can choose colors, or a species, or both, and we can build something for you! (Of course, we send drawings, and work closely :3) Very happy that you like my stuff, and this complement means a whole lot!

We’re opening in late June/early July, so keep an eye out! <3

nebulacoyote asked:

So I just got back from my first con with jake (this is shockwavecoyote btw) and I got so many complements on him and how cute he was and I even got a photo in the houston chronicle! I just wanna say thanks so much for bringing jake to life!♡♡♡

Ah! I’m so happy that you like your suit, and I hope you had fun at your con! If you get a hold of a online version of the article, be sure to send it my way <3